Seeing as how I’m in advertising, I’ll respond concisely: You sure can take pictures with Johanson. And not just that.

Urmas Villmann


Margus is like the Bruce “Die Hard” Willis of the photography world. He may grumble and use profanity, but he takes fantastic photos even in tricky situations. If necessary, he’ll track down just the right old lady with a Soviet-era couch and seven dogs. In short—the world will be saved before the credits start rolling.

Andrus Purde


A few impressions from working with Margus. Firstly, I highly enjoy the fact that he takes active part in the production process. He mulls things over with you and proposes locations, models... everything. This creates a good, shared feeling for the photographing moment. We do things together. Secondly, he’s simply a crazy and cool guy, who will snap pictures upside-down or underwater or in a bordello. A photographer is a recorder of moments, and Margus helps to make those moments.

Rain Pikand


Margus is undoubtedly one of Estonia’s most senior and most experienced photographers. He is a man, who has been behind cameras for a career longer than the Republic of Estonia has been in existence. There aren’t all that many public figures, event formats, or renowned brand campaigns that Margus has not photographed. He is an old-school pro, whose fantastic sense of composition and light are disappearing skills in today’s Photoshop age. Having known him for just ten years, I can assert that Margus is an extremely friendly robot, who is capable of working in all conditions and formats imaginable, and the result is always above average.


Alan Adojaan

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